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Advice on making a successful search

  • You may use the wildcard character "*" to search for one or more characters in a name which you do not know.
  • For example searching for "Jo*n Doe" will return both "John Doe" and "Jonathon Doe".
  • If you are searching on the surname only, there is no need to fill in the First Name field. For example, a search on "Doe" would return "Anthony Doe", "Betty Doe", etc.
  • Searching using an email address can often be the fastest and most accurate search method. There is generally no need to use the First Name or Surname fields when using this method.
  • If you don't know the persons name, you can search using the Organisation name. Wildcard character can also be used within the Organisation name field. For example, a search using "Medi*" may give results like "Medical ...", "Medicines ...", "Medicare ...", etc.
  • Use the "An Australian State" drop down list to narrow search results. The default of "Any" will not restrict search results.


Note: All searches will return a maximum of 50 search results. If your search exceeds this limit, you may need to provide more search criteria in order to reduce the number of search results.


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